01.18.2020: We get letters!

FROM Leonard H.

Your Buick episode is a keystone classic, but all’s well that ends well Onward and upward You could always punish the Buick for bad behavior by firing a few well-placed arrows into the tires 

HA! The Buick behaved as best it could. It was the owner-operator-driver who was out of it. But I can see where it could also be a Keystone Classic. SET

From Bobbie:

Sam, not to worry, I too have left my car running while going into the DMV for auto registration.  It ran for a good hour, at least.   I suspect this is not as unusual as you might think.

See you soon.   Bobbie

WOW! Keys in the ignition while motor running with locked doors. That got many responses. One friend told us that she locked the keys in (motor on) while she went to a yard sale. Two others said it has happened to them more than once.  I feel so much better.  OR Maybe we all have a case of big D. and don’t know it.  Anyway, we are going to be more careful now.

01.18.2020: Virginia took us to lunch at Bistro 44. Then drove us to Native Seed Search to see the Will Taylor art show. I met his wife, Kim, who taught at Pistor Middle School shortly after I left.  We shared stories of middle school teaching. Will’s art is strikingly creative, placing nature (butterflies, birds, and flowers) in colorful design patterns. 

Virginia bought a framed print. Now, if I can just find the pictures that she took.

“It’s You, Man!” Great for PleinAir painting.

01.19.2020: 1050: Drove to Oro Valley for a Celebration of Life Service. Expecting to get lost at this Del Web Sun City neighborhood, we knew leaving early would be a safe bet.  Yes, we have GPS (using my cell) , and it did a great job until the last two miles. It took a friendly gentleman to set us on the final rout and send us one complex over. We made it by 1200.

1800 now, and both of us rested.  I shot 7 ends. Managed to keep them on the target but nothing tight.  Maybe I was just too tired. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

We watched Howard’s End partway and had to stop. Even with closed captions, the dialogue was too fast for us to keep up. We may try again, Monday evening. We went to bed by 2130.  I slept through until 0430!

01.20.2020:  0445: I tried to go back to sleep but gave up and got up to continue on the journaling. 0700: time to start breakfast. PJ will get up by 0730. 0900: Met with the writing group. 1315: Practiced at Archery club for an hour. Shot ten ends. Scattering all over the target. Nothing to take a picture about. There’s something about shooting in the “official” League room that is intimidating (?) maybe. I have four more practice days before I shoot for League score again.  1545: Home and writing for Quail Run tomorrow.  It looks like rain for this evening.

01.21.2020; 0445: Up and writing. Dragon is still down. I’ll see if I can reload it before we leave for Quail Run Writing Group, today. Light rain.55º- hot tea this morning. Parkinson’s group meeting this afternoon. Rain means I’ll shoot inside at the club after the PD meeting. See page 6 for the results of the Quail Run Group.

1400: Excellent PD support group, as usual. New faces. Questions about medication and exercise were on the top of the subject list. (We don’t have an agenda. These just happened.) PJ was in a separate room with the support/caregiver group. One somewhat disconcerting piece of information: “…and if you are in an accident and the police know you have PD, it will be your fault much the same as if you were under the influence.” Truth or Myth?

01.22.2020: 0745: On the way to PT – A surprise treat of clouds in front of the Catalina Mts. Short work-out this morning (my fault – we late)       0900: Shot 15 arrows practice. outside. scattered – cold – quit and ready for my 1100 appointment for a PD Clinical Study – blood test – two hours – This blood test will include DNA tracking.  Not the same as the DNA study through Michael J. Fox 23&me study. I took PJ to lunch after. We were so tired that we both took naps. PJ and I have been sorting and shredding in our free time.  She’s putting a dent in the pile.

1900: I fixed chicken quesadilla wraps for dinner. Went to bed early.

01.23.2020: Up at 0530. I got the time off to Tai Chi and were there an hour early. We went to Sprouts, got items, drove home. I started writing. PJ called from the living room asking if I was going to Tai Chi. Of course! We got there ten minutes late. 40 people in the class. No time to take a picture.  Gotta remember: Tia Chi starts at 0915 on Tuesday. It starts at 1030 on Thursdays.

We had leftovers for lunch.  PJ rested and I went to Archery and practiced. Here is my first end. (27/30) The other nine ends were more scattered.  I know I can do it. Friday, I shoot for score.