08.20.2020: 0430: Today is going to be another hot one. (over 100º) How do I know? It’s already 86º and not even YISKA, yet.


Virginia meets me outside on Poco & Mom’s Cantina. She drove her family jalopy-heh! heh! Don’t you love her smile?

08.21.2020: 0530: Slept late.

 From Brain and Life® Spotlight on Parkinson’s Disease. I hope you can read the one on Exercising with PD.   Brain & Life® publishes the latest news and resources on specific neurologic disorders and brain health. Since you have expressed interest in learning more about Parkinson’s disease in the past, we hope you will value the below stories and more on   Parkinson’s Disease Won’t Extinguish This Firefighter’s Passion. Even during the COVID-19 crisis, Cat Renar hasn’t let Parkinson’s disease get in the way of her dedication to her work. Read more   Beverly Ribaudo Uses Humor to Manage Parkinson’s. Beverly Ribaudo finds a like-minded audience for her sense of humor: people with Parkinson’s disease. Read more   How I Found the Fun in Exercising with Parkinson’s. A self-professed couch potato says Parkinson’s-specific exercise classes and variety helped him fall in love with physical activity. Read more

I spent the day working on my CIP Book cover.  Finally got the title but lost the back blurb. I’ll get it by Monday, I hope. Got help by pressing F1 and YouTube. (Thanks, Julie.)

I am submerged in Cover Art. However,  I finished the first of three lectures on HOSTING Zoom meetings.  (If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.)

Heavy rain (1/2 inch) with lightning, thunder, and wind last night blacked out our TV for almost an hour.  I worried about our Mesquite, hoping that no limbs broke. LandTamers are going to trim it soon.

Glad I cut back the ocotillo three days ago.  It would have dropped on our Mckenzie-Rob Memorial  Desert Willow and flattened it.

You can see where the willow has already been pushed to the east. We’ll give it a chance to straighten itself up for another few months.  If necessary, we’ll trim some of the limbs back.

Looking South across our front yard. Yes. Those are Christmas lights on the stump. We restrung them in March to honor the Covid-19 victims.

1700: SURPRISE! Today is FRIDAY!  I kept thinking it was Saturday. I didn’t miss the RWA Zoom meeting after all. I’ll see if I can miss it tomorrow.  HA!

08.22.2020: o500: Up and checking on any wind damage from last night.

1000: I made it to the RWA meeting.  About twelve or thirteen members were present.  It is good to see their smiling faces.  Emily was the hostess in Vicki’s place. I arrived where the members were talking about the low attendance at the meeting.  I told them it wasn’t their fault. Some people may just have had difficulty working with Zoom, like me. If it hadn’t been for Emily at the last meeting who sent me the code to click in, I probably would have given up on future meetings. There’s no tech hanging over my shoulder saying, “Push this button, Sam.”

We watched a documentary on the writer/director of All in the Family, and nine other early TV shows, by Norman Lear. Went to bed by 2130 to the sound of thunder.

08.23.2020: 0500: A routine breakfast and attended Zoom Church with Talk-Back.

Drove PJ to get prescriptions (outside through the window, of course). I did some bank work online for her Amway business. (They’ve added a line of CBD products!) We’ll be getting samples soon. Watched CBS Sunday morning – in the evening. Watched an episode (?) of Whose Line is It? We called it a day at 2100.

08.24.2020: 0530: Fixing grapevines and general cleaning of the patio. While cleaning under the rosemary bush, I found an arrow! It was one that I lost back in February! I knew it had bounced off the wall, but didn’t look 90º offline. (I wonder if that’s an omen for me to try holding the bow again?). Maybe the wrist weights are working?

1700: Julie came over and worked for an hour and a half, trying to get a jpg photo transferred to the book title.  She had to leave when we almost had it. I’ll call D2D in the morning.

08.25.2020: Up at 0500, and on this keyboard at 0645. Been working outside. Our morning glory bush greeted me with these blossoms. I knew they were going to happen soon. They always surprise me.

 Published a short story this morning!  Thirty-Two Degrees North by P.J. & S.E. Turner.It is in ebook format right now. DON’T BUY IT, YET!   As soon as I figure out how to offer it for free to you, my readers, I’ll send you the code. I’m also waiting for my print author’s copies. Maybe in ten days?  As usual, I found some hiccups in the overall printing (of the ebook.)  The second episode in the series will be better. Hopefully, I’ll know what I’m doing by then.

Note: Before this publication, I was using a different self-publishing program.  I have switched to Draft2Digital that is supposed to be more user friendly.  The jury is still out on that point.

08.26.2020: 0645: Restless night. Awake for hours at a time. Up at 0530, but went back for another hour. 84º already. 

Spent most of the day working on Episode #2 of Thirty-Two Degrees North.

Not much on TV, tonight.  Lights out at 2030.

08.27.2020: We drove to Tresha’s Studio by 1215.  We haven’t seen her since February.  PJ demonstrated what she has been doing at Body Central. Tresha approved and explained things she will do to continue.  She checked my gait and gave me an OK.  Worked on my squeezing ability (dismal) which I will need if I’m ever going to hold the bow again. My wrist weights aren’t going to help much. We will be attending one class a week with her when PJ  finishes with Body Central by the end of September. We will continue walking the Mall (without stopping at the ice cream counter!) and push ourselves to be aware of our posture at all times.

1540: The temperature of 106º makes me appreciate the office A/C. A massive wildfire in New Mexico is sending smoke over the Tucson valley. The haze is covering the Catalinas, Santa Ritas, Rincons, and Redington Pass.  In other words, we are socked in.

2000: In bed early as both of us are beat. 2015: Realized I missed my Zoom meeting with St. Francis Movie discussion on BRAVE.  (and I did my homework three days early). I’m batting 000% I’ll shoot for next week.  (May have problems because I’m taking a Zoom class for five weeks.)

08.28.2020: 0630: Only 83º this morning. Supposed to get cooler (under 100º) this week with a possibility of rain. 0730: I need to load a seed cylinder for the birds. Checked the Morning Glory.  Worth another picture.

Keep wearing your mask. Take care of yourself and your family. Know that we hold all of you close to our hearts. Listen and follow the advice of your doctors!

From my office window: Three quail keeping watch. One on the ground. The rest of the family is in the hedge.

RIP Lute Olsen. We’ll miss you.

Great minds discuss ideas;

average minds discuss events;

 small minds discuss people.

~ Eleanor Roosevelt ~

In the end,  

the love you take,  

is equal to the love you give

~ John Lennon & Paul McCartney