September 20-28

09.20.2020: Dorothy (our gardener) discovered chewed water lines which explain why some of the plants were dead.  All fixed. We spent the morning watching the Church service and (now) PJ can connect with Zoom in her office.

I spent the afternoon working on Episode 4 of Thirty-Two Degrees North. I’m printing Episode Two for PJ to edit.

09.21.2020: 0630: I’m attempting to change my writing habit to check my email after I’ve written for at least an hour. That means that comics will be later.  Hmmm.  Maybe I can limit myself to the comics and then stop and write.  0700: Al and Dexter Dog stopped by and we decided that it was still too hot for Udall Park. 0715: Now for the comics. 0815: It didn’t work!

I got this shot from Patty A. in Phoenix. Great way to start the day! Thanks.

Morning Glory Bush. From my northeast office. Inside – Outside.

09.21.2020: Mornings start with thankfulness. Blue skies for instance.

Worked most of the day on Episode #2 and #3 cleaning up sections that somehow got mixed. PJ edited until dark.

09.22.2020:0630: A cool 74º and (almost) blue sky this morning with scattered clouds. Just saw Al and Dexter Dog walk by. I wrote for five hours, today.  The story is beginning to take form. It now is 2100.  I have written 210 pages. I still don’t know how it will end. Both of my characters have to make some life-changing decisions.

09.23.2020: 0500.. 1000: PJ to Physical Therapy. Next Wednesday will be her final session.  She’s into the habit and feels better when she finishes her morning routine.

The morning bath:

09.24.2020: 0500: Writing. PJ has an appointment with her heart doctor at 1000.

This from Virginia: I’m not sure this will work.  Once you load, scroll towards the bottom for the pictures, including a short video clip with sound!   View entire message

We finished watching Octopus, My Teacher. Excellent. Started Islands of America with Martin Clunes. Unusual travel log.


It doesn’t look like the picture.  The Level of Difficulty was Intermediate.  It was supposed to take 30 minutes. We took 45. I thought the preparation was too complicated.  We had THREE timers ticking for different pans. However, the results were excellent. There is salmon under all the topping.

09.25.2020: 0500:. Did stretching exercises as per Tresha’s directions. 1400: Walked ParkPlace Mall @1760 steps. Finished the Martin Clunes Episode #1, and watched part of Lighthouses off the coast of Ireland. (They wouldn’t be inland, now, would they, Sam?) What great places to vacation for a weekend. NOT! Spent four hours working on my CIP. Ony 4 pages, today. Looking for a good fit.  I almost have it.   Then, Episode #4 will be finished.

09.26.2020: 0430: Cleaned up my email! 58 ads! How did they get there?  I thought I had Ad Blocker. I know: I said I would write first and then check email. Wrong!  0745: PJ and I have PT with Tresha. 0910: Sprouts for bananas and Almond milk and vegetables. 1000: Zoom meeting with RWA Saguaro Chapter.   Fifteen of 38 members were in Zoom attendance. (We had our quorum.) The four officers have been through the rotation well over the limit and no one has stepped forward to run for office.  Maybe after the virus…?

Bacon crusted chicken with corn and potatoes. About the dinner pictures. We’re learning to become better cooks.  We just might continue this HomeChefService after the virus. I have gained confidence in preparing foods other than stirfry. It’s always good to know that PJ is there to check my procedure.

09.27.2020: 0415: Got the wash ready.  I have to wait for the Sun to heat the solar panels.

From Sam to Quail Run Writers and the rest of you who write:

From Daphnie Gray-Grant: on writing breaks and interruptions:

In each writing session, I had very little time so I was motivated to write as quickly as possible. When I returned to the piece (each time), I was always cheered to see how many words I’d already accumulated. (There’s a big benefit to not having to face a blank screen every time you start working on a piece of writing!)” {Yeah, as long as it’s an ongoing piece.}

Watched Finding Forester on PBS. It was filmed in 2000. Excellent on writing into the dark. Sean Conroy and his student were using typewriters! Turned in at our usual time–2130.

09.28.2020: 0420: Up and stretching exercises.  Swombo is my model. I do it before she gets up. She uses 3# free weights; I use 5#. 1000: Western Neuro with Dr. Anderson. No meds are needed yet, but, at my request, we’ve changed meeting schedules from every eight months to every six months.

I’m having difficulty starting a new group writing program.  It’s better organized than what we have been doing. I got stumped on STEP One! Program navigation is my nemesis.

PJ and I hope all of you are healthy. We appreciate your many responses.  It’s refreshing to know that you read what’s happening in our lives.

I pray to the birds.

I pray to the birds because I believe

they will carry the messages of my heart upward.  

I pray to them because I believe in their existence,  

the way their songs begin and end each day

– the invocations and benedictions of Earth.  

I pray to the birds because they remind me  

of what I love, rather than what I fear.  

And at the end of my prayers,  

they teach me how to listen.  

                                                    – Terry Tempest Williams