Maytag Moments

(Living with Parkinson’s)

Sam and Phyllis Turner ©01.22.2021-01.29.2021

Moving On

01.23.2021: 0815: The drive to Tresha’s PT gym. I had to pull over and shoot the Catalina Mountains.

Looking north to Sabino Canyon.

01.24.2021: 0500: RAIN! Light rain for thirty minutes.  My drums are full and running over.  It doesn’t take much to fill 1600 gallons from the roof run-off. This was a stay-at-home Sunday.

” How is that different from any other day, Sam?”

“ We didn’t have to go to Walgreen’s for a prescription, or Batteries Plus, or Ace, or Sprouts because we were out of bananas.”

The produce that Jessa brought by on Friday (?) -What day was that? -is added to the HomeChef supply. 

We edited a Eulogy and mailed it to the children of a close friend who died of Covid – our beloved Lucy. The same Lucy who sang at our wedding. That took up the afternoon.

Speaking of Poetry,  might add to the discussion on poetry.

While eating leftovers, we watched the news and on to Madam Secretary (three episodes!) and Whose Line Is It?

01.25.2021: High of 46º in Tucson, with rain predicted, today.

NO…this is not Tucson.  It is Darmstadt, Germany where our good friend, (and my ex-high school roommate) Len lives. I feel cold just looking at the picture.

1115: To the bank and Wild Birds to buy more feed cylinders.

01.26.2021: We get our haircuts today. It’s snowing in Tucson! Not sticking on the cars, but it’s snow. (We know the difference between rain and snow.)

Here’s a before and after shot of Sam.

The Beast! No. 

I’m not crying because of the imminent loss of my hair.

I’m ready to celebrate. The mirror shows I almost had a ponytail.

Isn’t she lovely? Someone should write a song.

The snow stopped at the 6000-foot level. I took this from the upper parking level of St. Joseph Hospital. (Corinna will recognize this. She used to nurse there.)

01.27.2021: We drove to a couple of errands, this morning.  1200 – 1400: I slept for two hours. (rare) And yes, I’m also writing and reading and writing between other activities.  We panicked because we couldn’t get Netflix to continue watching Madam Secretary. Ah, but I remembered the little red button. It reconnected Hopper or something. Bingo! We can continue watching. Maybe the storm, yesterday, caused this? Total steps: 631

01.28.2021: 0515: I spent 40 minutes on the bike this morning watching Merlin.  Time flies when the movie is exciting. Walked the aisles of Walmart looking for a razor to keep my head shiny and smooth.

1515: There is a glitch in our appointment for the doctor, tomorrow.  We’ve been on and off hold since 1800. United Health called to say that we are “good to go” for our appointment, tomorrow.  What a relief!

Watched three episodes of MSec. Lights out by 2130. Total steps for today: 3142.

01.29.2021: 0500: 0900: PJ and I met our new PCP – Dr. Ayesha Javed, MD specializing in internal medicine. She is with Banner Medical.  Her office is only 2.5 miles from our home. She spent forty minutes with us! It’s going to be a beautiful relationship.

We watched three episodes of MSec., and are now in the third season.

01.30.2021: 0400:  TODAY IS ROB’S 47TH BIRTHDAY! He was born at home – breech birth with Dr. Lee Goedecke and a midwife attending. Julie, Amy, and Joe stood at the bedroom doorway and observed the birthing.  

Six-year-old Joe’s comment: “I’m glad I’m not a girl!”

Rob died July 2, 1997.

REMEMBER: Next Monday, 02.01.2021, is Rabbit Day!

Not sure if this site will work:

If only you could sense how important you are

to the lives of those you meet;

how important you can be

to people you may never even dream of.

There is something of yourself that you leave

at every meeting with another person.

Fred Rogers