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You may get this twice. I’m still learning about this new format. Therefore, this MM is short, with no pictures. But I’m progressing. Some of this material you may have read. Maybe not from 02.26.2020 on you haven’t. I have to write it on another page where I can edit it. The smooth can then be posted for you to read. I guess that’s a good thing. I’m writing this using DRAGON dictation. I’m taking a big chance since I’m typing directly on the MM sheet.

02.26.2020: 0730: Exercise with Tresha. It may be the cold wind and the 48º temperature, but today was the most challenging day I’ve had in several weeks. I wasn’t balancing, and I was out of step on the stepping block. My body felt (feels) tired all over. I’m going back to bed at @0930. Maybe a nap will help. 1155: I slept for two hours. Yes. I feel better. Think I’ll practice at the archery club.

Here are more items about the benefits of ping pong for PD.

Dr. Russell on Table tennis and PD: https://youtu.be/cJd5H5IIbMY

Lower Shore Table Tennis Club for PD: https://youtu.be/dzZXzeb7mu4

Another Table Tennis testimonial: https://youtu.be/IscgAyObOa8

02.27.2020: What a day! We started with Tai Chi at 1015, which ended at 1130. We stayed in the room for a new program taught by an enthusiastic Japanese PT involving weights, balls, and stretch bands. We worked our bodies continually for another hour. Her motto is to Keep Moving! And that we did. Gave up watching Ariz. USC Basketball game at the half. The final score was USC 57 Ariz. 48. They cleaned our clock!

02.28.2020: 0500: The key to slowing the PD is keeping active. We accomplished that yesterday. I shot twelve arrows outside, practicing keeping the red sight on the center target. Today I will shoot for a score with my coach. This shoot should be a challenge because my tremor is more pronounced in both hands this morning. 0930: At 0700, I got so tired that I went back to bed. I never do this! I slept until 0900. PJ and I will have breakfast now. 1300: League Archery: I hit my goal! I shot 202/300, and I shot a + with my poorest end of three arrows. So: one shaft in the + center of the target; one arrow in the seven ring and one arrow outside of all of the rings.